Pro Edge Converter for GM TH400 Transmissions


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The "Pro Edge" series is custom built for your race application, from 1600-6600+ rpm! A "bullet proof" High Stall Converter for track application. Everything you expect from a True Race Torque Converter. Guaranteed!!

The stock stator element is upgraded to a true sprag type element for extreme torque (1000+fp!) Transbrake, supercharged, multi stage nitrous set up... OR all the above!

  • Upgraded stator and element
  • Process 90 flanged drive hub
  • Heat treated, hardened input splines
  • All wear surfaces replaced with enclosed bearings
  • Components are tack welded AND Furnace brazed
  • Screw on crank side pilot for easy mid plate height change
  • Anti balloon plated for high RPM or Trans Brake launches
  • Preloaded thrust bearing (turbine to cover)
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