200-4r Super Size Intermediate Servo 2004r/TH200-4R


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Sonnax Industries has come up with yet another High Performance solution!17% more apply area the GN servo!
The Sonnax Super Size Servo boasts an apply area 17% greater than the Grand National servo. This is the largest on the market. The Sonnax servo kit includes many tunable features. The Sonnax servo pin is longer than the longest available OEM pin and can be shortened to precisely set pin engagement. A medium rate return spring is also included with the Sonnax kit and is interchangeable with OEM springs for further tuning. The Sonnax super size servo can be set-up for high performance street applications as well as for all-out racing by including or excluding springs, shims, and spacers included with the kit. The Sonnax design is a radical departure from the OEM design to improve strength and reduce material and machining time in order to provide a higher quality, more complete kit, at a lower cost to the customer. The sealing characteristics have been improved throughout the design and it features the addition of an o-ring seal at the intersection of the servo pin and the piston. This prevents any crossover leakage between the apply and un-apply sides and ensures all apply pressure gets to the piston for good solid shifts. These features result in the firmest 1-2 and 2-3 shifts and help to clean up the kick down response from 3-2.
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